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Timo Köffer Basel III - Implications for banks. capital structure. What happens with hybrid instruments.

This book attempts to answer the question of how CoCos differ from convertible bonds, and how these instruments are suitable for contributing as core capital under Basel III. The place ability of CoCos and the challenges resulting from their use are discussed in this book. Overall a comprehensive picture of the impacts resulting from the new capital definitions will be created. The Background to the introduction of Basel III is described at the beginning of the book, in addition to a presentation of the Basel III document and the new capital definitions. To create a kind of basic understanding of the functioning of convertible bonds and CoCos, hybrid capital will then be explained. In the following part of the book the design options of CoCos and different interests of investor groups are shown. Then the Commerzbank AG is analyzed by means of an analysis of how the capital components changed in Basel II through to Basel III over the last two years. The effect of Basel III on hybrid capital will be illustrated with a practical example. At the end of the book follows a short conclusion regarding the potential impact of Basel III on hybrid capital and the new capital instrument CoCos.

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Juan Ramirez Handbook of Basel III Capital. Enhancing Bank Capital in Practice

A deeper examination of Basel III for more effective capital enhancement The Handbook of Basel III Capital – Enhancing Bank Capital in Practice delves deep into the principles underpinning the capital dimension of Basel III to provide a more advanced understanding of real-world implementation. Going beyond the simple overview or model, this book merges theory with practice to help practitioners work more effectively within the regulatory framework, and utilise the complex rules to more effectively allocate and enhance capital. A European perspective covers the CRD IV directive and associated guidance, but practitioners across all jurisdictions will find value in the strategic approach to decisions surrounding business lines and assets; an emphasis on analysis urges banks to shed unattractive positions and channel capital toward opportunities that actually fit their risk and return profile. Real-world cases demonstrate successful capital initiatives as models for implementation, and in-depth guidance on Basel III rules equips practitioners to more effectively utilise this complex regulatory treatment. The specifics of Basel III implementation vary, but the underlying principles are effective around the world. This book expands upon existing guidance to provide a deeper working knowledge of Basel III utility, and the insight to use it effectively. Improve asset quality and risk and return profiles Adopt a strategic approach to capital allocation Compare Basel III implementation varies across jurisdictions Examine successful capital enhancement initiatives from around the world There is a popular misconception about Basel III being extremely conservative and a deterrent to investors seeking attractive returns. In reality, Basel III presents both the opportunity and a framework for banks to improve their assets and enhance overall capital – the key factor is a true, comprehensive understanding of the regulatory mechanisms. The Handbook of Basel III Capital – Enhancing Bank Capital in Practice provides advanced guidance for advanced practitioners, and real-world implementation insight.

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Simon Archer Islamic Capital Markets and Products. Managing Liquidity Requirements Under Basel III

Ensure Basel III compliance with expert analysis specific to Islamic Finance Islamic Capital Markets and Products provides a thorough examination of Islamic capital markets (ICM), with particular attention to the products that they offer and the legal and regulatory infrastructure within which they operate. Since Islamic banks act as asset managers, attention is paid to the regulatory challenges which they face in the light of Basel III, as regards both eligible capital and liquidity risk management. The authors of the chapters are professionals and practitioners, and write from experience. The editors also contributed to some of the chapters. The markets and products covered include Islamic equities, Islamic investment certificates (Sukūk) which are Shariah compliant alternatives to conventional bonds, and Islamic Collective Investment Schemes. The coverage of legal and regulatory issues includes an examination of the implications for ICM of securities laws and regulations and of Basel III, as well as collateralisation issues. Shariah compliance aspects, in terms both of the selection criteria for Islamic equities and of the purification of impermissible components of income, are also examined in some detail, as are the implications of Basel III for eligible capital in general and for Shariah compliant capital instruments in particular. A similar analysis is also made of the implications of the Basel III requirements for liquidity risk management and high quality liquid assets (HQLA), including Shariah compliant HQLA. The book concludes with three case studies, two describing the ICM in Malaysia and Bahrain and a third which describes Sukūk issued as Shariah compliant capital instruments, followed by brief concluding remarks by the editors.

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Miriam Benz The Implications of the New Capital Adeqaucy Framework for Credit Risk and Management in Banking Industry

Inhaltsangabe:Abstract: In their role as financial intermediaries, banks have the inherent task of assuming risks. This statement follows Diamond’s model (1984) that financial intermediaries exist because they have a comparative advantage in the production of private information. Higher competition and complexity as well as a riskier environment however have increased the importance of managing and controlling one of the banks’ core risks: credit risk. Before analysing the implications on specific credit risk instruments, the thesis will describe the relevant content of“The New Basel Capital Accord” and explain the general context of credit risk and capital management within a bank. An analysis of the implications of „The New Basel Capital Accord” implies the question of how the new incentive structures will modify credit risk and capital management activities within banks and shape the competitive environment of the banking industry. More specifically, it will be investigated how the significance and type of credit risk and capital management will change and what effect ”The New Basel Capital Accord” will have on the development of credit risk measurement instruments. The paper will also describe the impacts of the new Accord on the market for credit derivatives and securitizations and on the structure of these transactions. Moreover, it is important to consider how the scarce and essential resource capital will be affected and what potential conclusions can be drawn. The th...

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Laura Gerke-Teufel Consequences of selected Basel III regulations for real estate developers

Masterarbeit aus dem Jahr 2013 im Fachbereich BWL - Investition und Finanzierung, Munich Business School, Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: The high leveraged American real estate investment market dominated by speculators, brought about a global financial crisis of epic proportions in 2008. The global financial recession, which followed, highlighted a gloomy rate of interdependence in the banking world. It exposed the tight interconnection of the American real estate market and the structures of the global financial market (Panagopoulos et al. 2009, 2-4).In December 2010, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision published the report ''Basel III: A Global Regulatory Framework for More Resilient Banks and BankingSystems'' which will be implemented gradually across the European Union (among others) between 2013 and 2019 and supplements the existing International Convergence of Capital Measurement Document (Basel II) which was implementedin 2008 (Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, 2013).The reformed capital and liquidity requirements for banks, Basel III, is a response to the global financial crisis and represents a substantial step forward from its predecessor regime, Basel II which already based credit costs on the degree of risk. One of the most significant outcomes of Basel III will be the enormous rise in the banking industry's capital requirements and the rise in lending as well as borrowing costs (Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, 2013).Real est...

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Mark Petersen, Janine Mukkudem-Petersen Basel III Liquidity Regulation and Its Implications

Liquidity involves the degree to which an asset can bebought or sold in the market without affecting its price.The 2007 to 2009 financial crisis was characterized by a decreasein liquidity and necessitated the introduction of BaselIII capital and liquidity regulation in 2010. Inside, you'lllearn how such regulations are applied on a broad crosssectionof countries in order to understand and demonstratethe implications of Basel III.This book summarizes the defining features of the BaselI, II, and III Accords and their perceived shortcomings, aswell as the role of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision(BCBS) in promulgating international bankingregulation.Basel III quantifies liquidity risk by using the measuresliquidity coverage ratio (LCR) and net stable fundingratio (NSFR). This book discusses approximationtechniques that may be used to estimate these liquiditymeasures. Inside, the authors highlight the connectionsbetween liquidity creation and bank capital and provideyou with the details of an investigation of the risks liquiditycreation generates for banks. In addition, we considerthe impact of the implementation of Basel III liquidityregulation on macroeconomic variables such as GDP, investment,inflation, consumption, income, savings, andemployment.

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Oliver Baumgartner Basel 3 capital requirements - overview and critical evaluation

Seminar paper from the year 2012 in the subject Business economics - Banking, Stock Exchanges, Insurance, Accounting, grade: 1,3, University of Innsbruck, course: Business economics - Banking, Stock Exchanges, Insurance, Accounting, language: English, abstract: In dieser Seminararbeit finden Sie eine Zusammenfassung aller wichtiger Aspekte hinter Basel 3. Dabei liegt der Fokus einzig und allein auf den unterschiedlichen Kapitalanforderungen, wie Tier 1 und 2 capital. Die Entwicklung von Basel I bis hin zu Basel III ist eindeutig nachvollziehbar. Ein weiteres Highlight, ist eine kritische Evaluation der Vor- bzw. Nachtteile unter Basel 3. Nachdem Sie diese Arbeit gelesen haben, werden Sie ein breitgefächertes Verständnis über den Aufbau von der neuen Kapitalanforderungen erhalten. Sie werden in der Lage sein, selbstständig über Vor- und Nachteile evaluieren zu können und die Auswirkungen in der Volkswirtschaft erkennen.This paper deals with the main problems that will come up with the implementation of the new Basel III accord. It provides an overview of the capital requirement changes from Basel I until Basel III. Additionally, it provides a lot of information about the new structure. Although, the new capital requirements should enhance financial stability, they still have lot of shortcomings. Therefore, this paper highlights the biggest problems that will arise.

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Stefan Stotz Implications from regulatory changes on the Swiss banking sector

Master's Thesis from the year 2013 in the subject Business economics - Banking, Stock Exchanges, Insurance, Accounting, grade: 5, Prifysgol Cymru University of Wales, course: MBA International Finance, language: English, abstract: Basel III has already had a major impact on the global finance sector.In this report I have analyzed the impact on the swiss banks, in particular the system relevant banks. In response to the latest global financial crisis, a number of regulatory policies such as Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and stringent compliance were adopted over the past years but the finance sector called for an international standard, a global regulation. The planned implementation of Basel Accords by January 1, 2019 focuses on much higher capital requirements as well as increased liquidity and funding requirements at the same time. The core goal of Basel III is to make sure that government will never have to bail out banks again as they did in many cases over the past years. This objective of this thesis is to analyze and describe the Basel III framework and focus on its implications on the banking industry, with a focus on the Swiss Banking Sector.The main challenges ahead for the banking sector due to the extensive regulatory changes are to review the profitability of their business models as intensification of compliance will bring pressure on bank's profit margins. The report will describe how financial institutions will also have to review funding strategies and ...

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Katrin Sülberg The Consequences of the New Basel Capital Accord (Basel II) for Bank Lending to Corporate Borrowers

Inhaltsangabe:Abstract: The central problem and resulting question of this thesis was: 'Will Basel II make credits in the „Mittelstand” more expensive?' In view of the previous analysis on possible capital requirements and changes in credit conditions for German small and medium-sized enterprises, the answer to this question can be adequately answered: On average, Basel II does not make credits in the „Mittelstand” more expensive. Basel II has an influence on the amount of regulatory capital the banks have to hold. The costs of this scarce factor are included in the risk premium which is part of the borrower’s credit rent. Therefore, the credit rent would ceteris paribus be higher if capital requirements rose. However, it has been shown that for about 90% of German companies, capital requirements will even be lower in Basel II. This is because these companies will belong to the retail segment in Basel II where there is a reduction in regulatory capital (compared to the current 8%) up to a high probability of default between 7% and 8%, which would apply to a company in default or bankruptcy. Additionally, capital requirements for small and medium-sized enterprises can be further reduced due to the extended recognition of collaterals. Basel II has introduced types of collaterals that small and medium-sized companies are more often able to deliver, namely account receivables and real estate. It can therefore be concluded that a possible future increase in average credit ...

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Shengzhe Wang True Sale Securitization in Germany and China

Inhaltsangabe:Abstract: The Master thesis for LL.M. at Goethe university’s ILF titled “True Sale Securitization in Germany and China” is a comparative study about true sale securitization. The initial reason for a comparative study was the similarity of banking centred financial systems in these two countries. Another reason is connected with the True Sale Initiative (TSI), a plan composed by major German banks aiming at improving their financial situation. German banks start to be plagued by the non-performing loans (NPLs) since 2001 due to mediocre performance of German corporations and depreciation of banks’ investment to the east part during 1990s. Facing the competitions from other countries and under pressures from the International Convergence of Capital Measurement and Capital Standards: a Revised Framework (Basel II) issued by the Basel Committee on Banking and Supervisory Practice (Basel Committee) at the Bank for International Settlements, the German banks employed the TSI as one part of the bigger financial reform to regain competition in Europe and worldwide. December 2004, the first true sale securitization was successfully constructed in Germany after German federal government changed some of its formerly unfriendly legal, taxation and accounting rules. The German experiences with TSI can shed some light into how China to develop its asset-backed securities (ABS) market in order to save its heavy NPLs-burdened banks and find alternative funds for its corporatio...

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Miryusup Abdullaev Basel III and corporate financing. Impact of the newest banking regulation accords on capital-raising strategies.

Master's Thesis from the year 2013 in the subject Economics - Finance, grade: 1, University of Applied Sciences Coburg, language: English, abstract: Management SummaryIn response to the recent financial and ensuing economic crisis of 2007-2008, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision announced a new set of measures - Basel III, which ought to create a more resilient banking system. It also intends to help contain adverse effects of financial system from spilling over to real economy. This, in turn, will allow real sector of economy avoid potential credit disruptions in future.However, just as a coin has two different sides, Basel III might also have unintended adverse effects on real sector. Therefore, this research is addressed at analyzing possible effects of the new regulations on corporate financing.Through review of relevant literature, we have been able to identify the most significant researches in the area to date. On one hand, advocates of Basel III argue for a substantial net economic advantage of around 2.6 per cent of annual GDP increase as a result of implementation and imply that society will be better off as a result. On the other hand, there are a number of critics, who state that prescribed tighter and liquidity requirements will create a two-side pressure on RoE of banks, prompting these to allocate less capital to lending business - thus decreasing credit, available to real economy.As a result, after conducting two case-studies: one a bank and anothe...

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Daniel Hosp Basel 3 and its impact on liquidity measures

Bachelor Thesis from the year 2011 in the subject Business economics - Investment and Finance, grade: 1, University of Innsbruck (Banken und Finanzen), language: English, abstract: 1. IntroductionOn 6 September 2009 the Central Bank Governors and Heads of Supervision agreed on Basel III after the financial crisis proved that Basel II was not capable of preventing the global economy from such a crisis (BCBS, 2008). Basel III is the third version of the international regulatory framework for financial institutions published by the Basel Committee of Banking Supervision (BCBS) of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) located in Basel, Switzerland (BIS, www.bis.org, 30.04.2011).... ....This bachelor thesis should provide some deeper information about the impacts of the new liquidity measures. The impact of the standards on economy, financial institutions and their business segments is presented, after a detailed explanation of them. Concluding a comprehensive evaluation of the new requirements is done.2. Developments in Basel III2.1. Increasing Capital Requirements2.2. Liquidity Coverage Ratio2.3. Net Stable Funding Ratio2.4. Monitoring Tools and Application of Standards3. Initial Situation of Banks Regarding Liquidity Requirements3.1. Quantitative Impact Study of the BCBS3.2. European Quantitative Impact Study of the CEBS3.3. Comparison of Results4. Economic Impacts of the New Liquidity Requirements4.1. Benefits of the New Liquidity Requirements4.2. Costs of the New Liqui...

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Benjamin Friedrich The Theory of Capital Structure - How theory meets practice in the German market.

The theory of capital structure is one of the most exciting and complex topics in corporate finance. After many years of debate it is still extremely difficult to provide a conclusive answer to the question which capital structure maximises the value of a company and what factors determine the optimal mix of debt and equity capital.This book provides a comprehensive introduction to capital structure theory and investigates its practical relevance in the German market. The main objectives are to explore the link between capital structure theory and corporate practice and to test determinants of capital structure choice empirically.The book has been written for students, researchers, and academics, but also for practitioners seeking empirical evidence of capital structure theory and an empirical model that can be used to estimate the optimal level of debt for an individual company in relation to an existing industry optimum.

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Tariku Negasa The Effect of Capital Structure on Firms Profitability

This book aims to investigate the effect of capital structure on firms’ profitability with special emphasis on Ethiopian large private manufacturing firms. This book contributes a piece of empirical evidence for a theory of capital structure, in Ethiopian context. The decision regarding firm’s capital structure choice is an important issue for financial managers, because it is very much influential on the firm’s profitability and value. In today’s dynamic business world, for a sound operation the companies, financial managers’ decision regarding capital structure should have to have a greater consideration on searching of its optimum level. In general, the firm’s capital structure decision affects the two major objectives of financial management, i.e. firm’s profit maximization and shareholders’ wealth maximization.

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Hong Kong Institute of Bankers (HKIB) Bank Asset and Liability Management

An in-depth look at how banks and financial institutions manage assets and liabilities Created for banking and finance professionals with a desire to expand their management skillset, this book focuses on how banks manage assets and liabilities, set up governance structures to minimize risks, and approach such critical areas as regulatory disclosures, interest rates, and risk hedging. It was written by the experts at the world-renowned Hong Kong Institute of Bankers, an organization dedicated to providing the international banking community with education and training. Explains bank regulations and the relationship with monetary authorities, statements, and disclosures Considers the governance structure of banks and how it can be used to manage assets and liabilities Offers strategies for managing assets and liabilities in such areas as loan and investment portfolios, deposits, and funds Explores capital and liquidity, including current standards under Basel II and Basel III, funding needs, and stress testing Presents guidance on managing interest rate risk, hedging, and securitization

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John Taskinsoy Basel III: Road to Resilient Banking

Financial crises since late 1990s have cost the investors a jaw-dropping nearly $20 trillion which is 25% more than the United States' 2012 GDP and it is little over one fourth of the world GDP ($79 trillion in 2011). The World Bank said "While we cannot hope to prevent crises, we can perhaps make them fewer and milder by adopting and implementing better regulation—in particular, more macro-prudential regulation.” The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision has released the following statement, “A strong and resilient banking system is the foundation for sustainable economic growth, as banks are at the center of the credit intermediation process between savers and investors.” IMF praised Turkish financial system for its resilience during the 2008 global financial crisis and contributed its huge success to “significant capital buffers built up aftermath of the 2001 banking crisis, more effective fiscal and monetary management, strengthened banking regulation and supervision, and conservative banking practices.” Turkish Banking sector currently has a comfortable 16.5% CAR which is well above Basel II's current 7% or Basel III's 10.5% minimum capital requirement effective by 2019.

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Banks Banks. III (LP)

Треклист: 1. Till Now 2. Gimme 3. Contaminated 4. Stroke 5. Godless 6. Sawzall 7. Look What Youre Doing To Me 8. Hawaiian Mazes 9. Alaska 10. Propaganda 11. The Fall 12. If We Were Made Of Water 13. What About Love

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Swen Beyer International Corporate Finance - Impact of financial ratios on long term credit ratings

Master's Thesis from the year 2010 in the subject Business economics - Investment and Finance, grade: 2,0, Reutlingen University (Business Adminstration), language: English, abstract: The global financial and economic crises resulted for many corporations in a downgraded credit rating within the last 2 to 3 years. Even a large percentage of them defaulted on their credit obligations due to inherent operational factors. The importance of credit ratings will play an even more central role under the currently discussed New Basel Capital Accord (Basel III) (Standard & Poor´s 2010; Basel III For Global Banks). The purpose of this research is to explore the relationship between long term credit ratings and selected financial ratios that can be derived by public information. Such information can be very valuable for companies in order to have a slight control over their credit rating obtained by rating agencies as well as in negotiations with banks and other outside creditors. The research design is based on three automotive manufacturers and involves their credit rating over the last decade. The data for the financial ratios was collected from respective financial statements. The study is based on a correlation and multiple regression analysis using the MINITAB (Minitab Data Analysis Software, Pennsylvania USA) software as a statistical platform. A step wise approach determined the regression equation with the highest significance. The equations were used to detect those va...

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Frans de Weert Bank and Insurance Capital Management

In the aftermath of the financial crisis, capital management has become a critical factor in value creation for banks and other financial institutions. Although complex and subject to regulatory change, the strategic importance of capital management became apparent during the crisis and has moved the subject to the top of corporate agendas. Bank and Insurance Capital Management is an essential guide to help banks and insurance companies understand and manage their capital position. Bridging the gap between theory and practice, it provides proven techniques for managing bank capital, as well as explaining key capital management perspectives, including accounting, regulatory, risk and capital management and corporate finance. It also shows how to analyze a firms stakeholders such as depositors, policy holders, debt holders and shareholders, and manage their expectations, and how to align risk and capital management so as to best optimize the return on capital and preserve capital in periods of stress. Economic capital is also discussed in depth, as are the practicalities of bank and insurance M&A, and the book also shows how financial innovations can be used to optimise the capital position and how diversification effects are reflected in the capital position. This book will arm readers with the knowledge and skills needed to understand how capital management can improve capital structure and performance, achieving an optimal cost of, and return on capital, creating value as a result.

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Edmund Benjamin-Addy Prospects and Challenges of Re-capitalising Commercial Banks in Ghana

Master's Thesis from the year 2012 in the subject Business economics - Banking, Stock Exchanges, Insurance, Accounting, Methodist University College Ghana, course: Finance, language: English, abstract: In recent times a lot of banks have found Ghana a good destination for extending their operations and this has heightened competition in the banking industry. By way of ensuring that banks maintain adequate working capital, the industry regulator i.e. Bank of Ghanacame out with a directive instructing all commercial banks to ensure that by the close of December 2012 their operating capitals do not fall below GH¢60million. As at the close of December 2011, almost all foreign banks had complied. However, some local banks aresensing serious limitation in meeting the order. The study therefore had the objective of finding out the challenges facing these banks thereby recommending avenues for raising funds to meet the proposed capital requirement. Six banks operating in the Accra businessdistrict namely National Investment Bank (NIB), Ecobank Ghana Ltd. (ECB), Prudential Bank, Ghana Commercial Bank, Merchant Bank Ghana and Zenith Bank were used for study.Primary data was obtained by soliciting views from bank officials on questions like what challenges confront Ghanaian Banks in their cash mobilization efforts? How could the banks generate more funds from the Ghana Stock Exchange? What efforts were being made tosecure funding from strategic investors? How could they reduce opera...

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Мы гарантируем лучшую цену на Стакан для зубных щеток Selene 10033/00 Хром в официальном магазине Timo. ... Стакан для зубных щеток; Цвет аксессуара: Хром; Материал: Латунь класса А,стекло; Стакан сделан из стекла ...

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Слив-перелив Timo полуавтомат бронза. ... Timo (Финляндия) · Слив-перелив Timo полуавтомат золото Слив-перелив Timo Тип: ... Сифон: в комплекте.

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Сифон бутылочный для раковины с выпуском 958Z-An Kaiser с покрытием "под ... Донный клапан для раковины с переливом (бронза) 8011 Timo.

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Сифон Timo 958-L антик купить оптом или в розницу самовывозом со ... Обвязка для ванны Timo 8003 (полуавтомат) антик ... Серия: 8004 бронза

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Alcaplast A505CRМ Сифон для ванны Click Clack пластик/пласт · Alcaplast A505CRМ ..... Timo 8004 chrome Слив-перелив · Timo 8004 chrome Слив- ...

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Гарантия 5 лет. Сифон для ванны с системой push-open (click-clack). Материал сифона: медь/латунь. Внешние части на ванне: бронза. Подходит для ...

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Назначение: Стакан для зубных щеток; Цвет аксессуара: Хром; Материал: Латунь класса А,стекло; Стакан сделан из стекла; Официальная гарантия: ...

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TIMO 958 - сифон для умывальника хром,бронза,золото ... TIMO 8004 - Слив-перелив для ванны автомат.хром,бронза,золото ... бронза, 4 560 руб ...

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ПроизводительTimo; ТипСифон для ванны; КоллекцияTimo; МатериалЛатунь; ЦветБронза; Гарантия1 год; Страна производительФинляндия ...

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Финский производитель Timo имеет в своем ассортименте чугунные ванны и мебель для ванной комнаты. Все изделия этого бренда отличаются ...

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Тумба с раковиной Timo Аврора 2 дверцы, 1 ящик, белый (Av.t-105 M-VR (B)) Модель: Timo - смотреть тумба с раковиной timo аврора ящика ваниль av t 105 m v v на сайте интернет-магазина.

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Тропический душ Timo SW-712 (T) на официальном сайте производителя Timo. Технические характеристики SW-712 (T), изображения SW-712 (T), ...

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Сифоны и сливы переливы Timo, для ванны, бронза ... Слив-перелив Timo 8003 Antique Н0000358 ... Слив-перелив Timo 8004 Antique Н0000227.

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Стакан для зубных щеток Timo Selene 10034/00 хром Хром/Белый 10034/ 00chrome Фото, описание и ... Стакан изготовлен из матового стекла.

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Донный клапан для сифона TIMO (8011-Antique) по цене от 1 340 р. в Москве ... Смеситель для раковины Aksy Bagno Faenza Light бронза (402L bronze), ...

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Сифоны KAISER — сравнить модели и купить в проверенном магазине. В наличии ... Сифоны и гофры Донный клапан KAISER автомат 8011An бронза.

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В нашем магазине сантехника представлена по определенной схеме, разобраться в которой не составит особого труда.

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Купить Верхний душ Timo (SW-1113) за 1 680 руб. в интернет-магазине ДляВанн.ру (г. Москва). Доставка в регионы. Заказ товара по телефону ...

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Цвет: бронза. Если Вы хотите купить Слив-перелив Timo 8004 Antique в Краснодаре, просто добавьте товар в корзину и оформите заказ.

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Покупайте верхний, тропический душ по лучшим ценам в магазине сантехники и аксессуаров Missaqua. ... 23x23 Тропический душ Timo SW-412 (T) white.

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Сифон Rav Slezak MD0545SM бронза Бронза MD0545SM Фото, описание и технические характеристики. Заказ на сайте или по телефону. Доставка ...

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Верхний душ Timo SW-412 23 белый Белый, Черный SW-412(T)white Фото, описание и технические характеристики. Заказ на сайте или по телефону.

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Слив-перелив Timo 8003 (Финляндия) полуавтомат бронза · Слив-перелив Timo 8003 (Финляндия) Antique полуавтомат. Акция. Слив-перелив Timo 8003 ...

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Сифоны для раковин, сифоны для биде, сливы-переливы для ванн, наливные и ... хром; античная бронза; бронза; медь; золото; черный; белый. Страна ...

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TIMO 8011 - донный клапан на раковину (автомат)хром,бронза,золото · TIMO 958 - сифон для ... TIMO 958 - сифон для умывальника хром,бронза,золото ...

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Верхний душ Timo SW-2060 Antique за 3 180 р. производство Финляндия в интернет-магазине k-remont.ru. Аккуратная доставка в любую точку Москвы, ...

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Сифон для раковины без выпуска Timo 958 - L по выгодной цене с доставкой по ... Бумагодержатель Manzzaro Calle 65.31.04 старая бронзаManzzaro.

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Слив - перелив Timo Antic - автоматический цвета бронза купить по выгодной цене Вы сможете в нашем магазине. Для размещения заказа перейдите ...

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Верхний душ Timo SW-611 — купить сегодня c доставкой и гарантией по выгодной цене. 10 предложений в проверенных магазинах. Верхний душ Timo ...

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От 1 550,00 ₽ до 2 895,00 ₽ - В наличии<br />Стакан Timo Selene 10033/00 chrome купить по лучшей цене в интернет магазине ... стекло, латунь ... Аксессуары для ванной комнаты и туалета Timo.

Тумба с раковиной timo аврора ящика …

Тумба с раковиной Timo Аврора 2 дверцы, 1 ящик, капучино (Av.t-105 M-VR (C)) 51025 Руб.

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Низкие цены на Timo Аврора мебель для ванной (Финляндия) с бесплатной доставкой в интернет-магазине 3Dplitka.ru. На сайте хорошие фото и 3D планировщик.

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Комплектующие для ванн и раковин (сифоны, сливы)

Комплектующие (сифоны, сливы) ... 8003 Chrome Timo. Timo. 4 250 р. Подробнее ... A055 Слив-перелив Темн. Бронза для ванны. WasserKRAFT. 4 350 р.

Слив-перелив для ванны купить в Москве, сифон для ванны с ...

латунь, цвет: хром, бронза, золото; слив-перелив ... 1 329 руб. Сифон для ванны Timo Обвязка для ванны 8003 (полуавтомат) с фиксатором ...

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Мы знаем где самая низкая цена сифон timo бронза антик 958 02l antique в Москве, в регионах России и даже в Китае! Сравни стоимость перед ...

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For BMW 3 Series F30 320i 316i 328i For BMW 5 series E60 E61 For BMW 4 Series F32 F33 X5 M performance Side Skirt Stripe Sticker / / / похожие

Сифоны - Рукомойник

Сифоны в Нижнем Новгороде ... бронза. золото. черный. белый. серый. золото, черный. золото, белый. антик ... Декоративный сифон Timo minimal 958/00L chrome без выпуска ... Донный клапан Timo 8011/00 chrome (автомат)

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Низкие цены на сифон для раковины Timo 958/00L хром с бесплатной доставкой в интернет-магазине ... Timo 958/02L бронза, 3 540 руб, Цвет: золото

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Timo SW-712 (T) Верхний душ для вашей ванной комнаты или туалета по низким ценам.

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Интернет-магазин SATRA предлагает сифоны Timo по цене от 3540 руб., в наличии 0 моделей, заказ по тел: 8 (800) 777-85-08.

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Официальный дилер Timo предлагает купить Timo 8004 (автомат) ... Сопутствующий товар Timo 8004 (автомат) бронза ... Тип: Сифон для раковины.

Сифон для раковины Timo 958/02 L antique, купить в {field[1]} по ...

Габариты Объем (м3), 0.003 m. Вес, 1.04 кг. Производитель, Timo. Страна производства, Финляндия. Тип, Сифон. Материал, Латунь. Цвет, Бронза.

Слив-перелив для ванны Timo 8004 antique, автомат, цвет бронза

Производитель: Timo. Слив-перелив - автомат. Стандартная обвязка для ванн. Подходит для всех стандартных акриловых, чугунных, стальных, ...

Купить верхний душ Timo SW-712 хром с доставкой или ...

Верхний душ Timo SW-712 хром Хром SW-712(T)chrome Фото, описание и технические характеристики. Заказ на сайте или по телефону. Доставка ...

Сифоны Kaiser - каталог цен, где купить в интернет-магазинах ...

Назначение сифон для раковины; сифон для биде Вид сифона трубный; без выпуска Цвет бронза Материал латунь; металл Для слива диаметром 1 ...

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Тумба с раковиной Timo Аврора bianco с раковиной Dreja 75 за 38 165 руб с доставкой в интернет-магазине ...

Yamini Agarwal Capital Structure Decisions. Evaluating Risk and Uncertainty

Inside the risk management and corporate governance issues behind capital structure decisions Practical ways of determining capital structures have always been mysterious and riddled with risks and uncertainties. Dynamic paradigm shifts and the multi-dimensional operations of firms further complicate the situation. Financial leaders are under constant pressure to outdo their competitors, but how to do so is not always clear. Capital Structure Decisions offers an introduction to corporate finance, and provides valuable insights into the decision-making processes that face the CEOs and CFOs of organizations in dynamic multi-objective environments. Exploring the various models and techniques used to understand the capital structure of an organization, as well as the products and means available for financing these structures, the book covers how to develop a goal programming model to enable organization leaders to make better capital structure decisions. Incorporating international case studies to explain various financial models and to illustrate ways that capital structure choices determine their success, Capital Structure Decisions looks at existing models and the development of a new goal-programming model for capital structures that is capable of handling multiple objectives, with an emphasis throughout on mitigating risk. Helps financial leaders understand corporate finance and the decision-making processes involved in understanding and developing capital structure Includes case studies from around the world that explain key financial models Emphasizes ways to minimize risk when it comes to working with capital structures There are a number of criteria that financial leaders need to consider before making any major capital investment decision. Capital Structure Decisions analyzes the various risk management and corporate governance issues to be considered by any diligent CEO/CFO before approving a project.

9965.71 РУБ



AICPA Audit and Accounting Guide Depository Lending Institutions. Banks Savings Institutions, Credit Unions, Finance Companies, Mortgage Companies

The financial services industry is undergoing significant change, which has added challenges for institutions assessing their operations and internal controls for regulatory considerations. This 2016 edition of this industry standard resource offers clear and practical guidance of audit and accounting issues such as transfers and servicing, troubled debt restructurings, financing receivables and the allowance for loan losses, and fair value accounting. It also provides direction for institutions assessing their operations and internal controls for regulatory considerations. New and existing regulatory reporting matters are also covered, including updates resulting from the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act and BASEL III implementation. Key Benefits Include: • Coverage of regulatory updates from key industry regulators (FDIC, OCC, Federal Reserve and NCUA) • Coverage of Basel III capital rulings that implement both the Basel III capital framework issued by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision and certain requirements imposed by the Dodd-Frank Act • Illustrative auditors’ reports • Appendix which highlights FASB ASU No. 2014-09, Revenue from Contracts with Customers (Topic 606) • Appendix which highlights an overview of statements on quality control • A new appendix which highlights FASB ASU No. 2016-02, Leases • A new appendix which highlights FASB’s project on accounting for financial instruments, including an overview of FASB ASU No. 2016-01, Financial Instruments—Overall (Subtopic 825-10): Recognition and Measurement of Financial Assets and Financial Liabilities, and FASB ASU No. 2016-13, Financial Instruments-Credit Losses (Topic 326): Measurement of Credit Losses on Financial Instruments

7605.89 РУБ



Christian Funke Ownership Structure as a Determinant of Capital - An Empirical Study DAX Companies

Diploma Thesis from the year 2003 in the subject Business economics - Investment and Finance, grade: 1,1 (A), European Business School - International University Schloß Reichartshausen Oestrich-Winkel (Endowed-Chairf for Corporate Finance and Capital Markets), language: English, abstract: The idea that the general characteristics of a firm's ownership structure can affect performance has achieved considerable attention and related research brought forward relatively consistent empirical evidence e.g. on the positive impact of managerial ownership on firm performance. However, the evidence on the relation between ownership and capital structure is less consistent and numerous, although there are good reasons to believe that there may be such a relationship.Since the capital structure irrelevance propositions of MODIGLIANI/MILLER economists have devoted considerable time to studying cross-sectional and time-series variations in capital structure. More recent work following the seminal contribution by JENSEN/MECKLING has employed an agency theory perspective in the search for an explanation of capital structure variations. With this managerial perspective capital structure is not only explained by variations in internal and external contextual factors of the firm, but also by the values, goals, preferences and desires of managers. Corporate financing decisions are influenced by managers' incentives and the incentives for managers to act opportunistically can be influence...

2539 РУБ



Eugene Eoyang Coat of Many Colors. Reflections on Diversityi by a Minority One

Argues for a new understanding of what is "foreign" in America--with implications for racial categories, the status of the English language, the treatment of immigrants, and the structure of higher education.

2814 РУБ



Greg Gregoriou N. Operational Risk Toward Basel III. Best Practices and Issues in Modeling, Management, Regulation

This book consists of chapters by contributors (well-known professors, practitioners, and consultants from large and well respected money management firms within this area) offering the latest research in the OpRisk area. The chapters highlight how operational risk helps firms survive and prosper by givingreaders the latest, cutting-edge techniques in OpRisk management. Topics discussed include: Basel Accord II, getting ready for the New Basel III, Extreme Value Theory, the new capital requirements and regulations in the banking sector in relation to financial reporting (including developing concepts such as OpRisk Insurance which wasnt a part of the Basel II framework). The book further discussed quantitative and qualitative aspects of OpRisk, as well as fraud and applications to the fund industry.

7523.78 РУБ



Christian Szylar Handbook of Market Risk

A ONE-STOP GUIDE FOR THE THEORIES, APPLICATIONS, AND STATISTICAL METHODOLOGIES OF MARKET RISK Understanding and investigating the impacts of market risk on the financial landscape is crucial in preventing crises. Written by a hedge fund specialist, the Handbook of Market Risk is the comprehensive guide to the subject of market risk. Featuring a format that is accessible and convenient, the handbook employs numerous examples to underscore the application of the material in a real-world setting. The book starts by introducing the various methods to measure market risk while continuing to emphasize stress testing, liquidity, and interest rate implications. Covering topics intrinsic to understanding and applying market risk, the handbook features: An introduction to financial markets The historical perspective from market events and diverse mathematics to the value-at-risk Return and volatility estimates Diversification, portfolio risk, and efficient frontier The Capital Asset Pricing Model and the Arbitrage Pricing Theory The use of a fundamental multi-factors model Financial derivatives instruments Fixed income and interest rate risk Liquidity risk Alternative investments Stress testing and back testing Banks and Basel II/III The Handbook of Market Risk is a must-have resource for financial engineers, quantitative analysts, regulators, risk managers in investments banks, and large-scale consultancy groups advising banks on internal systems. The handbook is also an excellent text for academics teaching postgraduate courses on financial methodology.

12671.64 РУБ




Christian Kronwald Credit Rating and the Impact on Capital Structure

Seminar paper from the year 2009 in the subject Business economics - Banking, Stock Exchanges, Insurance, Accounting, grade: 1,3, University of Hohenheim (Lehrstuhl für Bankwirtschaft und Finanzdienstleistungen), language: English, abstract: The question about capital structure is one of the most important issues which the management of a company faces in implementing their daily business. Therefore, the question of which factors affect capital structure decisions attracts high attention in the past and recent literature on capital structure. There are many papers providing valuable insights into capital structure choices, starting with the paper of Modigliani and Miller (1958). The MM-Theorem is generally considered a purely theoretical result since it ignores important factors in the capital structure decision like bank-ruptcy costs, taxes, agency costs and information asymmetry. Based on this paper many other theories which consider factors neglected by Modigliani and Miller have been evolved. Two major theories are the Tradeoff- and the Pecking-Order-Theory. The former loosens assumptions stated in the MM-Theorem by including bankruptcy costs and taxes while the latter introduces information asymmetry into the capital structure discussion. Chapter 2.1 will give a brief overview of these theories. For complexity reasons these models cannot capture all relevant factors affecting the capital structure policy of a company. However, all these theories disregard one cru-cial fa...

1852 РУБ



Bernd Zirkler, Jonathan Hofmann, Sandra Schmolz Basel III in der Unternehmenspraxis

Книга "Basel III in der Unternehmenspraxis".

2602 РУБ



Gerald S. Martin Capital Structure and Corporate Financing Decisions. Theory, Evidence, Practice

A comprehensive guide to making better capital structure and corporate financing decisions in todays dynamic business environment Given the dramatic changes that have recently occurred in the economy, the topic of capital structure and corporate financing decisions is critically important. The fact is that firms need to constantly revisit their portfolio of debt, equity, and hybrid securities to finance assets, operations, and future growth. Capital Structure and Corporate Financing Decisions provides an in-depth examination of critical capital structure topics, including discussions of basic capital structure components, key theories and practices, and practical application in an increasingly complex corporate world. Throughout, the book emphasizes how a sound capital structure simultaneously minimizes the firms cost of capital and maximizes the value to shareholders. Offers a strategic focus that allows you to understand how financing decisions relates to a firms overall corporate policy Consists of contributed chapters from both academics and experienced professionals, offering a variety of perspectives and a rich interplay of ideas Contains information from survey research describing actual financial practices of firms This valuable resource takes a practical approach to capital structure by discussing why various theories make sense and how firms use them to solve problems and create wealth. In the wake of the recent financial crisis, the insights found here are essential to excelling in todays volatile business environment.

6599.81 РУБ



Christian Weidinger Target leverage and capital structure adjustment speed across German industries

Seminar paper from the year 2010 in the subject Economics - Finance, grade: 1.3, University of Regensburg, language: English, abstract: Since Modigliani/Miller's famous theorem (1958) that capital structure is irrelevant for firm valuation, firms' capital structure choice has been one of the most significant subjects in the modern finance theory. The subsequent theoretical literature has found evidence to negate the irrelevance theorem. Most empirical studies applied a static framework and are capable to explain differences in the optimal leverage ratios across firms, using observed leverage ratios as proxies for the optimal target leverage, but do not explain observed differences in firms' leverage ratios itself. One broadly accepted reason for a firm's deviation from their target leverage ratio is the existence of adjustment costs. In the presence of adjustment costs, firms may deviate from their target leverage and find it not cost effective to adjust their leverage ratio frequently or fully within one period, even if they recognize that their existing capital structure is not optimal. This shows the need for developing and using a dynamic approach in order to examine firms' capital structure.The paper is organized as follows. Section 2 provides a brief overview of the three main theories of capital structure. Section 3 specifies the dynamic partial-adjustment model and describes the variables that may affect the target capital structure as well as the ...

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Sárkány Zoltán The New Basel III rules and recent market developments

The Basel III rules introduce a comprehensive set of measures in order to strenghten the regulation, supervision and risk management of the banking sector as well as the wider financial sector. The new rules intend to targeting microprudential regulation which develops the resilience of banks, and macroprudential regulation that helps to improve mechanism keeping system-wide risks under control. Since the Basel documents have been released, legislations and processes are to be world-wide adopted in order to harmonize the national and/or group-wide rules with the newly introduced measures. This paper briefly presents the most important changes brought by the recently adopted Basel documents, in order to become familiar with the changes dully applicable from 1.1.2019.

7677 РУБ



Philipp Lessenich Basel III. Die Neuen Eigenkapital- Und Liquiditatsregeln Fur Banken

Basel III zielt darauf ab, die Finanzwelt stabiler zu machen. Nach der Wirtschafts- und Finanzkrise sollen Banken künftige Schieflagen möglichst ohne staatliche Hilfe bewältigen können. Zu diesem Zweck werden mit Basel III die Anforderungen an die Qualität und die Quantität des bankaufsichtlichen Eigenkapitals erhöht. Ferner werden erstmals international einheitliche quantitative Vorschriften zur Liquidität sowie eine risikounabhängige Höchstverschuldungsgrenze (Leverage Ratio) eingeführt.Das vorliegende Werk stellt die neuen Vorschriften vor und gibt Antworten auf die folgenden Fragen: Welche Änderungen ergeben sich im Vergleich zu Basel II? Was bedeutet Basel III für die Banken und Kreditnehmer? Wie sehen mögliche Reaktionen auf die geänderten Rahmenbedingungen aus? Und können die mit Basel III verfolgten Ziele tatsächlich erreicht werden?

7227 РУБ



Alexander Schaal Basel III und die neuen Regelungen fur Verbriefungen

Bachelorarbeit aus dem Jahr 2017 im Fachbereich BWL - Investition und Finanzierung, Note: 1,7, Katholische Universität Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: Diese Arbeit beschäftigt sich mit den neuen Regeln für Verbriefungen in Basel III. Dabei wird zunächst der Zusammenhang von Verbriefungen und der Finanzkrise 2007 aufgezeigt. Anschließend wird Basel III mit den bisherigen Bankregulierungen verglichen und dabei die neuen Regelungen für Verbriefungen analysiert. Im Anschluss daran stellt die Arbeit die Auswirkungen von Basel III auf das Risikomanagement und das Kreditgeschäft dar.

3327 РУБ



Jan Rolshoven Auswirkungen von Basel III auf die Geschaftspolitik und Bilanzstruktur Kreditinstituten

Bachelorarbeit aus dem Jahr 2013 im Fachbereich BWL - Bank, Börse, Versicherung, Note: 1,7, Fachhochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg in Sankt Augustin, Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: Ziel dieser Arbeit ist es aufzuzeigen, wie sich die Einführung von Basel III auf die Geschäftspolitik und Bilanzstruktur von Kreditinstituten auswirkt.Dazu wird zunächst auf die grundlegenden Regelungen von Basel III eingegangen. Darauf aufbauend werden die konkreten Auswirkungen auf die Geschäftspolitik und Bilanzstruktur aufgezeigt. Zur Verbindung von Theorie und Praxis werden schließlich die Auswirkungen von Basel III anhand von vier ausgewählten Kreditinstituten dargestellt.

5477 РУБ



Daniel Gaschler Basel III - Die Auswirkungen der neuen Eigenkapital-Definition fur Banken

Bachelorarbeit aus dem Jahr 2012 im Fachbereich BWL - Bank, Börse, Versicherung, Note: 2,0, SRH Hochschule Riedlingen, Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: Ziel der vorliegenden Arbeit ist es, das Reformpaket von Basel III in den Auswirkungen und Konsequenzen für die Stabilität der Banken und die finanziellen Strategien der Banken, zu untersuchen. Dazu werden die Inhalte von Basel III auf die mit den Reformen angestrebte Stabilität des Bankensektors bezogen und in ihren Rahmenbedingungen untersucht. Ausgeführt werden dabei die sich für die Banken ergebenden strukturellen Veränderungen, die im Zusammenhang mit Basel III als Reaktion auf die angesichts der Finanzkrise deutlich werdenden Unzulänglichkeiten des regulatorischen Gerüsts zu verstehen sind. Dazu wird eine Abgrenzung der Inhalte von Basel III zu Basel I und Basel II vorgenommen. Die Arbeit verdeutlicht vor diesem Hintergrund, wie zentral die Inhalte von Basel III auf eine Verbesserung der Kapitalbasis der Banken ausgerichtet ist.Zentraler Untersuchungsgegenstand der Arbeit ist, wie sich die Inhalte von Basel III auf die finanziellen Grundlagen von Banken auswirken. Zu diesem Zweck wurde ein Fokus auf Veränderungen der Kapitalbasis, eine Bilanzrestrukturierung und die Auswirkungen der Veränderungen auf das Geschäftsmodell gelegt. Aufgezeigt werden damit Maßnahmen und Regelungen zur Überwindung und künftigen Verhinderung von Problemen, wie sie in der Finanzkrise zum Ausdruck kamen. Die Arbeit verweist auf die sich für die Banken...

4189 РУБ



Gudni Adalsteinsson The Liquidity Risk Management Guide. From Policy to Pitfalls

Liquidity risk is in the spotlight of both regulators and management teams across the banking industry. The European banking regulator has introduced and implemented a stronger liquidity regulatory framework and local regulators have made liquidity a top priority on their supervisory agenda. Banks have accordingly followed suit. Liquidity risk is now a topic widely discussed in boardrooms as banks strive to set up a strong and efficient liquidity risk management framework which, while maintaining sufficient resources, does not jeopardize the necessary profitability and return targets. The Liquidity Risk Management Guide: From Policy to Pitfalls is practical guide for banks and risk professionals to proactively manage liquidity risk in a systemic way. The book sets out its own comprehensive framework, which includes all the various and critical components of liquidity risk management. The recommendations are based on experiences from the recent financial crises, best practices and compliance with current and future regulatory requirements, with special emphasis on Basel III. Using the new 6 Step Framework, the book provides step-by-step guidance for the reader to build their liquidity management framework into a new overarching structure, which brings all the different parts of liquidity risk into one approach. Special attention is given to the challenges that banks currently face when adopting and implementing the Basel III liquidity requirements and guidance is given on how the new metrics can be integrated into the existing framework, providing the most value to the banks instead of being a regulatory reporting matter.

6599.81 РУБ



Andrés Riera The Reaction of European Banks to Supervisory Stress Tests

Master's Thesis from the year 2018 in the subject Business economics - Banking, Stock Exchanges, Insurance, Accounting, grade: 5.5/6, University of Zurich, language: English, abstract: Supervisory stress tests conducted in recent years by the European Banking Authority (EBA) provided potentially useful information to banks' management. This paper examines empirically the hypothesis that the stress test results published have influence on banks' ongoing risk mitigation efforts. The hypothesis rests on the evidence that stress tests have induced a reaction in bank equity and debt markets, which in turn sends a clear market signal to banks' management. The concept of market discipline implies that market prices can influence the banks' management in terms of their risk mitigation decisions. Using a difference-in-differences approach, it is measured how banks reacted to their respective stress test results. The evaluation shows a general rise in risk mitigation efforts of EU banks when looking at average total capital ratios since 2007. However, the results do reject the hypothesis that banks with low stress test scores have a stronger incentive to mitigate risk after the stress test publication. Yet low score banks demonstrate that adequate capital buffers were already set in place long before the stress test results. The higher capital buffers are reflected in above average total capital ratios of low score banks. This fact indicates that these banks might h...

3202 РУБ



Dave Ulrich Talent. Making People Your Competitive Advantage

The source of competitive advantage has shifted in many organizations from reliability to innovation and flexibility. But what does it take for an organization that innovates to then manage effectively? In this follow-up to Built to Change, Ed Lawler argues that it is a combination of the right structure and the right people. First, organizations must decide what structure they are: are you a high-involvement organization that has products and services that require a high level of coordination and cooperation among employees? Or do you have a more global competitor structure in which you are constantly bringing in new talent and technological expertise? Are you a mixture of both? Lawler outlines the unique human capital strategy for each approach, shows what it looks like in action, and provides the foundation and tools for creating competitive and innovative organizations.

2373.94 РУБ




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